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Welcome to the Viano website!

Dear visitor,
Dear business relation,

We are very pleased with your visit to our website. On this website we try to give you a detailed overview of the services, productrange and available marketingtools that we offer to the customer under our hallmark Viano.

Established in 1948, this premium quality 新时代赌场下载 fertiliser range, is still the oldest brand in Belgium that is privately owned by the family Krauch.

The Viano productrange contains mainly eco- friendly garden products such as 新时代赌场下载 fertilisers, soil improvers, potting soils and composts, lime, bark and other related garden products.

Our headquarters at Aalst (Belgium), has a production capacity of about 20.000 ton on yearly base.
Viano offers products to professional and non- professional users and brings every effort to bear in manufacturing endproducts which meets the highest quality standards.

We wish you a warm welcome and hope to meet you soon in our company to establish a long term relationship.

The Viano team, at your service

New export catalogue 2020

Through this catalogue we hope to provide you with a better insight into our product assortments and marketing tools that are available to our clients under the hallmark Viano.

Viano sustainable products are used by professional and non-professional users.

Focus on

Viano Recovery Liquid

Viano Recovery Liquid is a powdered fertiliser, enriched with Humifirst (Humus and fulvic acids) to be applied on damaged lawns (drought stress) via spot treatment. Viano Recovery Liquid acts immediately on the damaged parts of the lawn (drought stress, intensive running, …) and restores them to top condition after a few days.

Viano, A sustainable brand.

The sun as our partner!

There is no other energy source more environment friendly as solar energy. This natural energy does not pollute the atmosphere when being converted into electricity by solar panels. Solar energy is the safest source as it does not produce greenhouse effect which is the major cause of global warming and environmental pollution.

Viano has installed over more than 2300 solar pannels on the roof at headquarters at Aalst (Belgium).

With a capacity 550 MegaWatt electricity on yearly base, Viano fullfils its own needs for energy to manufacture 新时代赌场下载 and organo- mineral fertilisers, soil improvers and related garden products. This investment is our contribution to decrease the CO2- emission in the atmosphere and to minimize our ecological footprint on the enviroment.


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